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It is proposed to run a taster session of the joint training night between Glasgow Gladiators and Clyde PFC. If enough players sign up, this session will take place in June 2017 in the 2 halls at Tollcross International Swimming Centre, G32 7QP.

The session will take place on a Wednesday night between 7pm and 10pm. The cost of hall hire for the 3 hours is £213 plus volunteer expenses. It is requested that players contribute £5 towards the 3 hour session. Glasgow Gladiators will cover the balance of the costs.

We are looking for 12 players to play in each session, one at 10km/h (Premiership) and one at 6km/h (Championship). If you are interested in this taster session to see how successful the joint training proposal could be then please sign up below.

To download a copy of the proposed training / powerchair league sessions click here

Note: An alternative for Clyde players is to inform Craig Peattie.

NAME TEAM Glasgow Gladiators PFC Clyde PFC SESSION Premiership - 10km/h Championship - 6km/h AVAILABILITY (tick all that apply) Wednesday 14th June 2017 Wednesday 21st June 2017 Wednesday 28th June 2017