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Glasgow Gladiators Powerchair FC provides a fast paced team sport for people of all ages in the Glasgow area who use a powered wheelchair.

The club ensure participation by all players, no matter of their ability, with everyone getting fair and equal game time in Scottish Powerchair Football League matches.

At present, there are 12 officially registered players who will compete in the Scottish Powerchair Football League in season 2019/20.

The players train every Tuesday evening between 7.00pm and 9.00pm at the Craigholme Sports Complex, 97 Haggs Rd, Glasgow G41 4RD.


Powerchair football in Scotland kicked off at the Craigholme Sports Complex in Glasgow in April 2010 at a pilot session involving just six players.The team started out as Glasgow City Powerchair but thanks to support and funding from Glasgow Sport, it evolved into Clyde Powerchair FC – the country’s first powerchair football club – in September 2012. Clyde had two training facilities, the Craigholme venue and also one in Cumbernauld. Clyde PFC entered 5 teams into the first season of the Scottish Powerchair Football League, 3 from the Craigholme venue, along with a team from Dundee, Tayside Dynamos. The inaugural league was won by Clyde Alba who trained in Cumbernauld with Clyde Claymores from the Craigholme venue as runners-up.

Clyde PFC decided to split the club into two teams for the 2015/16 season with the Cumbernauld teams continuing as Clyde PFC and the Craigholme clubs coming under Queen’s Park as one of their Community teams. The club decided to reduce the teams from 3 to just 2 as a number of players retired from the sport.

The season got off to a flyer with Queen’s Park Strollers winning the Scottish League Cup and Queen’s Park Spiders being the runners-up. However, as the season progressed, the other clubs in the league increased the number of sports chairs in their teams making it increasingly difficult to compete. All other clubs had access to funding but Queen’s Park were unable to access grants to fund sports chairs for the players. One of the Queen’s Park teams, Spiders, ended bottom of the league. Previously, the Spiders team were Clyde Claymores who had been league runners-up in season 2013/14.

It was therefore decided, by the players themselves, to form a new club that would be recognised by funding bodies.

On the 24th May 2016, Glasgow Gladiators Powerchair Football Club was born.